How to: Pick up your order for free at GreenOffice Maastricht on the university campus.

Sint Servaasklooster 32

Opening hours: Ma, Tu, We, Th 10.00-16.00 and Fr 10.00-13.00
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“You don’t necessarily need to reinvent the wheel to create something awesome. When we’ve first heard about agreenstory, we were intrigued by the idea of making sustainable study materials more accessible to the end-user. The idea seemed so self-evident and overdue. At the same time we were fascinated by Yagmur’s (co-founder) dedication. We simply had to support her as well as we could and we hope that aGreenStory’s story will kindle further (social) entrepreneurial activity. That is why we became agreenstory ambassadors.“

The Green Office Maastricht team

Green Office Maastricht team