On www.aGreenStory.nl you find unique, innovative stationery and gifts with a green story. These eco-friendly gadgets steal the show with timeless design, surprising materials and original applications. Discover practical alternatives for staples, reusable notepads, chewing gum directly from the tree or pencil cases made of recycled fishing nets.

Inspire friends, employees and clients with quality, ease of use and sustainable product lifecycles, personalization is also possible. The exclusive aGreenStory office supplies effectively help organization and storage. Discover the new paper experience: Reusable, slightly less white, less standard, less thin. A unique touch that makes it so appealing to write by hand.

People and environment

Our eco&fair products are biodgradable or made of recycled materials, based on the believe that  we can make this world a better place, where the negative effects, the problems, of the production process (such as waste, unfair payment, pollution, clearing forests) are no longer for the people who are the least able to bear this. At the moment we offer a range of gadgets, gifts and a lot of things you may need at school or at the office.

The products

The product chain is as green and responsible as possible. This means producers do their best to: - reduce the amount of water and energy that is used. - reduce the emissions of greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide. - reduce the transportation distances by producing in the EU and using EU materials. - make sure all employees work in a safe and healthy work environment with a fair salary.

Meet Yagmur: Cofounder of 20 years old. In this video she introduces herself and aGreenStory. https://nl.linkedin.com/in/yagmurmasmas

Cofounder Sander has a website with more information about several climate and sustainability related projects: http://www.vanattekum.com/