aGreenStory owes much to ambassadors: Beautiful people who support and spread our sustainable innovation.

Thanks to them it is possible to collect your order for free in a range of larger cities.

Sustainability we reach together!

Thank you: Andreea, Marlies, Silvia, David, Brendy, Marieke, Suus, Jonathan, Severin, Diana, Iris, Thomas, Emma, Laura, Marga, Elianne, Edwina, Davied, Annemiek, Suze,

and furthermore

team Green Office Maastricht, team ASUSA, Studenten voor Morgen, YSocialBusiness, team vdwvm, dvdd Vondelpark, , OneWorld :)


“Sustainability has become a buzzword in our life. Yet, while many people are aware of diminishing resourcesSeverin aGreenStory ambassadeur

and a changing environment, sustainable alternatives are often hard to find which is why many still buy

conventional products. aGreenStory is a great organization because it provides easy access for students and

others to sustainable office and study material at affordable prices.”

Severin Buchwald